Jumat, 28 Juni 2013

Not So A Bright MOOD

It's not that i am not grateful enough for the life i've been living,but... sometimes i can't help but to feel lazy, for example like today. It''s really blue sky outside and i wished to be there instead of staying and sitting in the office.

just like they say, when you're young, you have energy to explore the world, however you don't have time and money to do so :'(

Yep, poor me.
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Rabu, 26 Juni 2013

This Summer, The Sun Is Shining

People rush all over the town
tick tock tick tock,
the clock says
as he reminds them of day to start

I found myself become one of those people
rushing everyday
running to catch the train, hurrying to get the bus
whoa! what a busy morning

this journey is already started
make the best of it
or either crush it

life is so short,
So let's live the life the life to the fullest!!
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Always Looking On The Brightside