Sabtu, 31 Maret 2012

Simply Broken Heart

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Ketika dua hati yang dulu pernah bersatu, kemudian yang satu meninggalkan yang lain demi pihak ketiga, akan ada hati yang terluka..
Benarkan pyeoul?
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When two hearts that were mend before, then one left the other for the third party, there will be a heart that hurts..
Isn't it pyeoul?
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Kamis, 29 Maret 2012

Bali : Introduction

Bali is one of the thousands islands constructing the Indonesian Archipelago that has been famous as a leading tourist destination in South Pacific and even in the world for its exotic, vibrant art and culture, natural beauties surrounded and the hospitality of the people.

It covers an extent of 5,632.86 square kilometers consisted of mountain range stretches from the West tip to the East. Hinduism is adhered by almost 95% of its population of more than 3 millions people, specifically blended with Buddhism and the Ancestor's worship. It is made inseparable from everyday life and no opportunity is missed to worship Gods in an unending series of ceremonies stretches from birth uo to after death.

The people mainly live agriculture with rice as staple crop, while the others are : coconut, coffee, clove, vanilla, maize, etc. Bali is also known for its wide variety of tropical fruit like mango, mandarin citrus, banana, salak (snake skinned fruit), grape, and many others. Along with the development of tourism, small scale and home industry like handicrafts are also flourishing, offering more jobs opportunities to the people. English is widely understood, along with the development of tourism, particularly in major tourist resorts. While Japanese, French, Germany, Korean, Chinese and other foreign languanges are also spoken instead of English.

The conducive environment in Bali is supported by the Balinese philosophy of life called "Tri Hita Karana". Tri Hita Karana distates that happiness can only be achieved if there are harmonious relationship between human and Gods; between human and their community; and between human and nature (its surrounding). This philosophy has become a way of life among the Balinese and is practiced in their daily life.

Bali has such a mild and agreeable climate the whole year round with average temperature of the day in coastal areas varies from about 30 degrees of Celcius (86 Fahrenheit) during May to July to about 34 degrees of Celcius (93.2 Fahrenheit) in March to October, while the most pleasant weather is between MAy to September with pouring sunshine all day long.

With regard to the efforts in maintaining and preserving the local culture, the Government has decided to develop such tourism based on the every aspect of local culture, which is harmoniously woven together with ages-old tradition, inspired by Hinduism as major religion.

Many nicknames have been given to this small island, such as : The Island of Thousand Temples, Morning of the World, Paradise Island, Island of Gods and many others. The latest nickname that has been given during the 51 PATA Annual Conference 2002  in India for Bali  is "The Island of Peace"

->source : Bali Govt tourism office (with several additional facts)

one of the many ceremonies held by Hindunese in Kuta Beach

another shot of the ceremony

women with stacks of "sesembahan"

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Bali : A Preface


I know, there are tons of writing, essay or article about Bali, but i cannot help myself but to write about this island from my own point of view, reasearch and visit. I loooovvveee this island so much no matter what (cause i got to fall in love and broken heart with a man from this beautiful island..hehehe). I cannot write the whole thing about Bali one time at all, but bit by bit i will complete my writing. I hope you'll fall in love and feel the warmth of this island as much as i do. 

Welcome to Bali, the Island of Gods

Ngurah Rai Airport, one of the many way to reach Bali is by plane

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Senin, 26 Maret 2012

just words..

this is the quote i took from the korean drama Wild Romance, a goodbye wish :

"The world will be so futile if the fact that i love you change.." Park Muyeol
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Bila Rindu Menelusup Ke Relung Hati...

Aku kangen sekali padamu pyeoul. Tak peduli berapa kuat usahaku untuk tidak memikirkanmu, aku tidak bisa membohongi perasaan ini. Awalnya pelan, namun gelombang demi gelombang pasang rindu menyerbu tepian hatiku. Kucoba bentengi diri, namun benteng itu pun tak cukup tinggi, tak cukup kokoh lindungi perasaanku.

Akuk berjalan di titian , mengalah pada perasaan yang seketika menyerang.  Air pasang kerinduan basahi kaki, bersatu melewati pembuluh darahku. Aku hirup nafas panjang, semilir angin bisikkan rayuan untuk menemuimu. Sungguh perasaan rindu ini begitu menyiksa dan aku pun tak bisa berbuat apa-apa. Hanya riak air kenangan memainkan lagu sendu nan syahdu sebagai pengingat keberadaanmu yang terkunci jauh di dalam derap jantungku.

Apa kabarmu, sayangku? Inginnya aku menggapai sepotong hatimu, meraih genggaman tanganmu. Merasakan sentuhan lembutmu di pipiku.

Dulu kita memiliki perasaan yang sama, berbagi harapan yang tercipta, lengkapi doa yang ada. Meski itu hanya kebahagiaan sesaat yang datangkan pilu, namun ia tetaplah indah. Langkah kita kini tak lagi seiya sekata. Tak apa, aku tetap mencintaimu, bagai lautan tak mengenal batas.

Bila saja kau ada disini, ulurkan tangan untuk aku jadikan pegangan. Bila saja kita tak perlu berpisah. Bila saja kau tak kembali padanya.

Sungguh, aku merindukan kasihmu.

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Kamis, 15 Maret 2012

Fun, laugh and smile

I always laugh everytime i watch this video. I ran out of breath when i finally reach Legian Beach (that's why my voice sounds shaky ^^,). It was a hot sunny sunday in Denpasar. Just watch this and tell me your opinion, thanks!

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this is my words, my motto :

"Never give up whatever comes through my way"

and little addition from Jason Mraz's you and i, both :

"always looking on the bright side"

then, after several events in my life, i came to a conclusion (which make the motto pretty long line) :
"Never give up whatever comes through my way, but i should be able to deal with the situations, accept things as the way it is and always looking on the bright side".

kata temen : ini sih kepanjangan wit -,-
gue : lah, suka-suka nyang bikin thooo >.<


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Lesson From A Friend

Some people shine without their notice
Walk and talk silently, in very quiet manner
But other people listen to them
Because they see their lights

I am barely see you
Nor i often talking to you
Nor i brave enough face you
and look at you in the eye

You don't know how much i admire you
You are the person i look up to
when lights around me go dim

You may not know how shy i am
for i realize myself is not equal to you

You taught me alot
About the life
and the pure love that i should present only to Allah
The sincere feeling to learn about the purpose of being a human
That life isn't just here, but each day
we are close to reach our own end

You may not know
How gratefull i am
meeting a good person like you
You are the person i consider as my teacher
How you calmly facing the hardships of life

While i drown to my tears,
and feel like the world is not fair enough to me
You smile and hold the faith you have in Allah
And suddenly i understand,
no difficulty that's too hard to confront
Those tears then dry
and i am back on my feet

Thank you, friend
thank you for showing me the way to stand on my position
thank you for the lesson you taught me

I hope someday
the world recognize how great you are
just like i do..
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Minggu, 11 Maret 2012

Letter 7

Dearest pyeoul..

Hi my are you? again..i cannot send letter to you nor i know recent news about you. But (as always actually), as i miss you here, somehow your shadow appear, answering the missing feeling inside. I don't know, suddenly news about you appear, i did not reading much, but i know you are okay there. I take a deep breath, though i feel terribly sad, but i always pray for the best thing to come your way. I really wanna curse you just like other people when they broke up with their partner, but i can't. I just look down and close my eyes, remembering you as pungkas, the man i love, not the man i hate. I can't.

A month ago, i was in Bali. Yup, at this date, we went to Uluwatu. The exotic cliff really captured my sight, eventough i had gone there once. I knew, we could go to several more places nearby because those place were in Sarbagita's busway track, but i couldn't ask for that. I did not care of sightseeing, i just want you to stay by my side. That's it.

Funny huh? i always imagining myself married to you. I already doing some research about the wedding location, the food, the bouquet, the dress etc. I am not so fond about the idea of luxurious wedding, i just want a simple wedding, a happy moment that i could share with my closest family and friends. But fate says other way, i must accept the fact you are no longer my-soon-to-be-husband. My dear.........

Baiklah, daripada sedih terus-terusan, aku lebih baik lanjutin nulis suratnya seperti biasa. Hari ini aku ga ngajar kang, awalnya dapet panggilan ngajar ke Meruya, itu daerah perbatasan antara grogol dan tanah abang. Kalau dari Depok, aku mesti naik kereta ke stasiun tanah abang, dari sana aku lanjut lagi naek angkot M11 ke Meruya. Tapi untungnya anaknya lagi pengen libur, jadi aku ga ngajar. Lumayan juga bisa libur, belakangan jadwal ngajarku penuh banget, rasanya capek mesti pindah dari satu rumah ke rumah lain. Hari kamis kemaren aku sampai ga masuk mata kuliah Pengendalian sistem soalnya aku pikir aku telat dateng ke kelasnya. Aku sengaja menuhin jadwal kosong buat jadi pengalih pikiran aku supaya aku ga terus-terusan kangen akang. Tapi gimanapun juga perasaan itu masih sering muncul. Kegiatan aku sekarang nonstop dari jam 5 subuh sampe jam 11 malem. Kadang-kadang rasanya udah mau ambruk tapi aku terus maksain diri. Mau gimana lagi, aku mesti ngalihin energi yang aku punya supaya aku ga sedih mulu.

Oh iya, pas kemaren aku lagi ngerjain tugas kelompok di kosan temen, aku nonton acara mancing mania itu. Seru ya ngeliat para fishers (asumsi aku aja ini bahasa inggrisnya hehehehe ;p) mancing di laut lepas, mereka mancing ikan yang warnanya biru gitu, tapi aku lupa namanya. Mancingnya ampe jauh ke Australia. Bener-bener hobi orang kaya hehhehe.

Ngeliat pancingan mereka, aku jadi inget waktu kita ke Nusa Dua kemaren. Waktu di water blow ada banyak orang pasang pancingan disana. Aku waktu itu ga habis pikir, sebanyak itu pancingan deket-deketan, benangnya ga kelibet apa yah?? hehhehe, setelah aku nonton mancing mania itu baru aku tau ternyata kalo di laut, kemungkinan kelibet benangnya itu kecil.

Waktu kemaren aku ikut tio mancing ke kertalangu, aku diajarin ama dia mancing itu bawal. Seru juga ya, aku pikir awalnya yang mancing itu kegiatan paling ngebetein cuma bisa mandangin si pancingan doang. Yah mungkin karena di kolam kali ya jadinya ikannya lebih gampang diisengin ama kail. Tapinyaaa, aku ga berhasil mancing si ikan itu. Kemaren udah sempet kegigit pancingnya 3 kali, tapi kata tio aku kurang cepet nariknya. Yassalaaaaaammm, sudahlah, nasibku jadi pemula sih.. Lagian jariku lagi berdarah-darah pas aku mancing, bukan karena kena pancingannya, tapi waktu itu aku lagi demen ngelukain jariku.

Waktu itu aku liat akang dateng dari jauh, walking slowly to the fiching arena. But you didn't even look to my face. Aku sedih, temen akang si meneer itu sampai pasang tampang prihatin ke aku. Hufftt, aku ga punya pilihan lain, cuma bisa sedih sendiri dan itulah terakhir kali aku ngeliat akang, ngeliat punggung akang yang berbalik arah membelakangi aku. Baiklah sayangku....gimanapun aku berharap kamu mungkin ga akan pernah kembali lagi...

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Jumat, 09 Maret 2012

Just A Simple Wish

no, not asking much.. just tiny little wish.

yup, a friend to talk to. a friend whom i feel free to talk to, not being afraid getting particular judgement and to share my whole bunch of random stories.

not much, huh? it???
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Rabu, 07 Maret 2012

Letter 6

Dearest pyeoul,

I dreamt of you last night. Why is it so hard to forget you? or i guess it is my heart, my decision not to forget you.
How are you doing there pyeoul? It's been so long for me not contacting you. I am no longer updated any news about you. My heart actually crave for you and somehow today, i miss you so badly.

You know, i dreamt walking in Sesetan, that area where i walked alone crying when i was in Bali. I dreamt of going back there, walking with a a very sad heart knowing you left me. Then, still in my dream, i walked to the Sarbagita's shelter, you were there, standing firmly on the path to your dorm house. I could only see you from afar. Oh pyeoul, do you have to torture me this much?

Pyeoul, my sisters are going back to Bali to have vacation, but i am not going with them because i just recently went to Bali. Even so, they still asked me to go along. I refuse them. I cannot go back to Bali. Too soon while my heart still in pain. If only our relationship is okay, i would definately agree going to Bali.

My darling, i always miss you.
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Letter 5

Pyeoul, you may not miss me. But i always think of you here. I tried to be so busy, those effort actually goes for nothing cause at the end of the day, my mind goes back to you. I love you so much, as i always do.

-march 5, 2012
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Letter 4

I miss you, pyeoul. I miss your presence, your lovely smile. I love you. Always, unreplaceable.
-february 27, 2012.

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Senin, 05 Maret 2012

Someone with a broken heart

I walk at the edge Cliff of Soul
Bring my heart fragments also
I look to the beach below me
The sand is beautiful
Sparkling so merrily

Is that so?

Then i realized one thing

The sand indeed made from broken hearts
From people who throw their torn the glass-heart
Just like mine

I want to throw it away
For i have suffering much
That love is only a game of fool

People you love,
They fill the glass-heart
But easily broke it down
Left you with nothing
But a desperation...

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Our Old Recordings

Rekaman tua
Kumpulan kenangan lama
Penuh luka tiap kali aku mendengarnya
Acapkali jadi penghiburan untuk hati yang layu
dan bisu

Untaian kata tak pernah bisa
Ungkapkan perasaan yang pernah ada

Kudengarkan kembali rekaman tua ini
Mengapa semua asaku hilang tiada menentu?
Pada siapa aku hendak mengadu?
Tangan lembut untuk mengusap airmataku
Sinar suaramu menikam seluk beluk jiwaku

Tawa sudah memudar
mimpi pun pecah menjadi kristal tajam
tak ubahnya bagai mega-mega kelabu
melayang berpendar berarak di langit kelam

Aku tak ingin menangis
Tak ingin pula kau pergi
Aku merindukan dirimu yang dulu

Hanya ini yang kumiliki
kumpulan rekaman tua
Kisah - kisah kita si masa lalu
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Jumat, 02 Maret 2012

An Advice From The Inside

Be patient, Erwita. Your fate and future will be just alright. Many things might burden your minds now, but always have faith in Allah. Allah will not let you down for HE always listen to you, to your pray and knows what you keep in your soul.

Dear Erwita..jangan cepat berpuas hati maupun rendah diri. Yakinlah pada kemampuan yang kamu miliki. Setiap pribadi memiliki kekuatan maupun kelemahannya sendiri, maka janganlah kamu tertipu untuk kebahagiaan sesaat. Sungguh, kehidupan yang sebenarnya adalah kehidupan di hari akhir nanti. Saat ini hanya perjalanan sementaramu saja. Namun, selama nyawamu masih ada, nafas dan detakan jantung belum lagi ditarik darimu, masih ada jalan terbentang dihadapanmu. Mungkin saat ini kau belum dapat mengira-ngira akan ke arah mana hidup membawamu, maka, bersabarlah. Tunjukkan sikap tawadhu dan bertawakkal kepadaNya. Tundukkan pandanganmu, satukan hatimu pada kecintaan kepada Allah. Ia akan membimbingmu ke jalan terbaik untuk kau tapaki.

Bersabarlah, erwita dan jangan ragukan Ia. Demi Dzat yang nyawamu ada dalam genggemanNya.....
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Always Looking On The Brightside