Senin, 16 September 2013

Introducing : Me!

Helloha People! J

Let me introduce myself.

My name is Erwita Ivana Muthia. I am recently graduated from Universitas Indonesia, majoring in Mechanical Engineering. Previously i am working as a consultant at PT. Potenza Putra Makara. An engineering consultant company owned by my Lecturer, Mr. Adi Surjosatyo. Right now i am working as Marketing Engineer at PT. Prowell Energi Indonesia. A private national company specializing in Wireline Manufacture and Bottomhole Pressure Tools/Downhole Tools. I also a certified Internal Auditor of this company, as we are one step closer to be certified with API standard. This company that i work for, is a high quality company, with the staffs and founders who are expertise more than 30 years in Wireline. We are also sole agent (in Indonesia) for some of the High Quality Tools, like D&D, BNT and Peak Well Services.

Well, that's my official introduction as a worker. But i also have another introduction. 
My name is Erwita Ivana Muthia, I am an engineer, a teacher, an alumni of UI, a daughter, but Best of All, I Am A Moslem J
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Kamis, 29 Agustus 2013

For My Future Man

This actually just something  wrote for fun. Not to mention specific person hehehehe :p

Little letter :

Maybe there is no such thing as eternal happy ending, but at the end of the day, i know you're the one i can find my peace. A sincere smile that brings happiness in my life.

I wanna be with you, sharing the good and bad times. Walking hand in hand, hugging the secret world that only we know. We careless of other things.

Just simply you and me..
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Selasa, 13 Agustus 2013

The Girls!

This is what happen when you got to come to work and yet you have no work to do and the internet really have high speed. You just want to updating your blog..hahhahaha :D

Well, i am currently listening to Destiny's Child song, Girls. The first time i heard this song when i was in junior high school, i guess. Not so long after the song was released, they broke up as group. And few days ago i started listening to this song again. This song really reminds me of my two other friends in college, Winda and Kartika. The song was practically the same as situation i faced a year ago. Yep, when i was just broke up with my love life (yuck!) hahaha. They really help me to get over the hard times. This girls are jewels to me. Not because they were there when i need them but they always supported me and we share lots of laughs and tears and heart-beating moments during our preparation time before thesis exam.

Now we are graduated from UI and each of us are pursuing the road to our own dream life. May success following each our step girls! Love you girls so much :)
Winda lagi galau, secara percobaan pertama pake serat pisang punya winda :D

Ngebersihin pompa yang mandek kena serat nanas punya ka tice

Photo session ngilangin bete di kosan winda

And all the stress leads to madness..hahaha :D

Senyum lagi dag dig dug

Before thesis exam. What a stiff smile

Hope this moment will last in our hearts forever..

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Jumat, 28 Juni 2013

Not So A Bright MOOD

It's not that i am not grateful enough for the life i've been living,but... sometimes i can't help but to feel lazy, for example like today. It''s really blue sky outside and i wished to be there instead of staying and sitting in the office.

just like they say, when you're young, you have energy to explore the world, however you don't have time and money to do so :'(

Yep, poor me.
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Rabu, 26 Juni 2013

This Summer, The Sun Is Shining

People rush all over the town
tick tock tick tock,
the clock says
as he reminds them of day to start

I found myself become one of those people
rushing everyday
running to catch the train, hurrying to get the bus
whoa! what a busy morning

this journey is already started
make the best of it
or either crush it

life is so short,
So let's live the life the life to the fullest!!
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Kamis, 25 April 2013

New Beginning, New Story

It's raining outside as i am writing this post. It's almost 3 months since my graduation ceremony and i got to leave campus things behind to start a new journey. Yes i am going to enter the "work life" in this company. Just this morning i read novel anne from summerside. After i read it, i found that life in 1900s were so simple.

A nice work environment with greeneries and simple tasks, no traffic, no rush people. Well, i wish that i can go back and live at that time. Traffic is really crazy these days and i can't help but to wish to be transferred to other less-crowded city or town.

Anyway, i got to be passionate with the new job and do a great work. Fightinggggggggg!!!!!! 
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Sabtu, 30 Maret 2013

Biar Ga Risih, Tutup Auratnya!

Saya sering banget kalo pas naik kereta atau angkot nemuin perempuan yang (awalnya) cuek bebek dan santey banget pake baju seksi. Kadang sih penampilannya bukan terlihat seksi, tapi malah jadi murah. Perempuan - perempuan ini teramat sangat bangga memperlihatkan lekuk badannya.

Nah yang ga habis pikir, kadang perempuan begini suka sembarangan make baju, entah karena ga tau tempat atau emang buta dalam otaknya. Misalnya, naik kereta pake hot pants, jelas-jelas ga pantes, udah gitu naiknya gerbong yang nyampur, walhasil jadi pelampiasan mata cowo-cowo yang pada jelalatan. Mereka akhirnya jadi jengah dan berusaha nutupin sisa-sisa badannya sebisa mungkin. Tapi mo nutupin gimana, lah kain yang dipake cuma seiprit.

Saya suka kasian liat perempuan-perempuan begitu. Padahal perintah dari Allah make hijab (pakaian yang menutup) bukan untuk merugikan, malah sebenernya dibuat untuk melindungi kaum perempuan dari pelecehan sesederhanapun bentuknya. Tapi kenapa perempuan tetep bandel? ga lain karena ada sebagian sifat dalam diri kaum perempuan yang emang suka pamer, tau bahwa mukanya cakep dan badannya bagus. Sebagian lagi karena ngerasa pakaian minim lebih praktis dan nyaman (ga panes).

Padahal, perintah Allah tentang suruhan memakai hijab ga lain untuk melindungi kaum perempuan. Tujuannya ya itu tadi, supaya ga diganggu orang dan lebih mudah dikenali. Orang - orang cenderung lebih segan sama perempuan yang memakai pakaian tertutup daripada yang pakaian terbuka. Coba aja perhatiin di jalan. Kalo pake pakaian minim pasti di suit-suitin ama cowo-cowo ga jelas, kasian kan.

Well honey, kalo saja kita semua sadar bahwa ada dua pilihan dalam menjalani hidup ini, yaitu pilihan mempersiapkan hari akhir atau terlena dalam kehidupan fana. Lebih baik panes karena memakai hijab daripada panes di akhirat. Ga kebayang gimana panesnya api neraka, coba aja bakar jari 5 menit di api lilin, pasti ga kuat, hehhehe.

Semua perintah Allah itu baik adanya, tugas kitalah untuk memaknainya dalam hidup. Kalo ga ngerti ya mana mungkin bisa di terapkan. Mengerti ajaran agama, serap esensinya dan kemudian diwujudkan dalam kehidupan :)
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