Senin, 16 September 2013

Introducing : Me!

Helloha People! J

Let me introduce myself.

My name is Erwita Ivana Muthia. I am recently graduated from Universitas Indonesia, majoring in Mechanical Engineering. Previously i am working as a consultant at PT. Potenza Putra Makara. An engineering consultant company owned by my Lecturer, Mr. Adi Surjosatyo. Right now i am working as Marketing Engineer at PT. Prowell Energi Indonesia. A private national company specializing in Wireline Manufacture and Bottomhole Pressure Tools/Downhole Tools. I also a certified Internal Auditor of this company, as we are one step closer to be certified with API standard. This company that i work for, is a high quality company, with the staffs and founders who are expertise more than 30 years in Wireline. We are also sole agent (in Indonesia) for some of the High Quality Tools, like D&D, BNT and Peak Well Services.

Well, that's my official introduction as a worker. But i also have another introduction. 
My name is Erwita Ivana Muthia, I am an engineer, a teacher, an alumni of UI, a daughter, but Best of All, I Am A Moslem J
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