Minggu, 16 September 2012

Dedicated For Allah

September 16, 2012

Well, i actually got many things in my mind, many stories to tell and to write, but since the time shows a bit late, then i guess i just wanna write simple poem, dedicated to Allah and Rasulullah SAW.

Hard Times, Good Times

I know, i'm just simply an ordinary human
A human who might fall into darkness
If it's not because Your Love pouring on me, Allah...
I might not be able to find my way into Your Light

I made uncountable mistakes
Each day, each hour and probably every second 
i spend on Your earth
Yet, You keep me in Your Guards, in Your Watch

I'm crying deeply in my soul
for the sins i made, the seen ones and the hide ones
I'm begging for Your forgiveness, Dear God
and solemly hopes for Your Guards on The Day of Judgement

When i realized, how i abandoned Your Command
It took me years to realize 
that each of the commands were made to protect me
protect what You gave me as i was born as a girl,
really, i've been dzalim on myself
for not covering what i shouldn't show to people
outside my mahrams

And during those days,
i know about The Great Prophet Muhammad SAW
a man You choose as Leader of the last pilgrims of Islam,
i know, but i don't understand him well
and now, You show me,
a clear view of Prophet's love upon me,
really, i made a fool to none but to myself

How can i ignored, The Prophet
who given his all to save all pilgrims of Islam?
that even on his last breath,
he kept worrying about us,
the future generation of Islam
That the only thing he wished was to save us all
save in Your protection, Your Guard, Your Heaven

Me, this weak human,
Asking for Your apologize, Dear Allah
Please bring us (moslems)  into purity
save us from the fitnah of the world
let us feel Your love
Let us reaching Your Ridha on earth
In the good times and during the hard times

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