Selasa, 13 Agustus 2013

The Girls!

This is what happen when you got to come to work and yet you have no work to do and the internet really have high speed. You just want to updating your blog..hahhahaha :D

Well, i am currently listening to Destiny's Child song, Girls. The first time i heard this song when i was in junior high school, i guess. Not so long after the song was released, they broke up as group. And few days ago i started listening to this song again. This song really reminds me of my two other friends in college, Winda and Kartika. The song was practically the same as situation i faced a year ago. Yep, when i was just broke up with my love life (yuck!) hahaha. They really help me to get over the hard times. This girls are jewels to me. Not because they were there when i need them but they always supported me and we share lots of laughs and tears and heart-beating moments during our preparation time before thesis exam.

Now we are graduated from UI and each of us are pursuing the road to our own dream life. May success following each our step girls! Love you girls so much :)
Winda lagi galau, secara percobaan pertama pake serat pisang punya winda :D

Ngebersihin pompa yang mandek kena serat nanas punya ka tice

Photo session ngilangin bete di kosan winda

And all the stress leads to madness..hahaha :D

Senyum lagi dag dig dug

Before thesis exam. What a stiff smile

Hope this moment will last in our hearts forever..

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