Rabu, 07 Maret 2012

Letter 6

Dearest pyeoul,

I dreamt of you last night. Why is it so hard to forget you? or i guess it is my heart, my decision not to forget you.
How are you doing there pyeoul? It's been so long for me not contacting you. I am no longer updated any news about you. My heart actually crave for you and somehow today, i miss you so badly.

You know, i dreamt walking in Sesetan, that area where i walked alone crying when i was in Bali. I dreamt of going back there, walking with a a very sad heart knowing you left me. Then, still in my dream, i walked to the Sarbagita's shelter, you were there, standing firmly on the path to your dorm house. I could only see you from afar. Oh pyeoul, do you have to torture me this much?

Pyeoul, my sisters are going back to Bali to have vacation, but i am not going with them because i just recently went to Bali. Even so, they still asked me to go along. I refuse them. I cannot go back to Bali. Too soon while my heart still in pain. If only our relationship is okay, i would definately agree going to Bali.

My darling, i always miss you.

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