Kamis, 15 Maret 2012

Lesson From A Friend

Some people shine without their notice
Walk and talk silently, in very quiet manner
But other people listen to them
Because they see their lights

I am barely see you
Nor i often talking to you
Nor i brave enough face you
and look at you in the eye

You don't know how much i admire you
You are the person i look up to
when lights around me go dim

You may not know how shy i am
for i realize myself is not equal to you

You taught me alot
About the life
and the pure love that i should present only to Allah
The sincere feeling to learn about the purpose of being a human
That life isn't just here, but each day
we are close to reach our own end

You may not know
How gratefull i am
meeting a good person like you
You are the person i consider as my teacher
How you calmly facing the hardships of life

While i drown to my tears,
and feel like the world is not fair enough to me
You smile and hold the faith you have in Allah
And suddenly i understand,
no difficulty that's too hard to confront
Those tears then dry
and i am back on my feet

Thank you, friend
thank you for showing me the way to stand on my position
thank you for the lesson you taught me

I hope someday
the world recognize how great you are
just like i do..

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