Selasa, 22 Mei 2012

Jakarta People Mean???

No..definately not true. People from rural areas aside Jakarta often think so, but i myself found it incorrect. Eversince i took this part time job as a private course teacher i got to go around many areas in Jakarta which i had not know before. I got to take train, busses, mikrolet, ojek and many other possible kinds of mass transportation.

When i have no idea of the area for i never go there, i ask the kenek of the bus and people in the bus or mikrolet about the direction and they surprisingly kind enough telling me that i should take this road or i have to take a turn over or change to another bus and so. I would not successfully reach the place i'm heading to without the help of strangers on the street. Really, Jakarta people are so kind if you ask them politely and with a smile. Show them your true intention and they will help you to find your way.

It's been three months since i work as the private teacher and each day the challenge is getting interesting. Sometimes the location of my students' house are beyond my reach. Eventough they already gave the direction, but it's better to have it double checked with people near the area, just to make sure you're not lost ^^.

how crowded the jakarta is

But still some people told me that many people in Jakarta are cinic. Well hey, i guess you're just not lucky enough to ask the right person. The demand living in such big city like Jakarta are high (in comparison New York is populated by 2 millions of people while Jakarta is populated by 8 millions people). The mass transportation is inadequate to carry the commuter each day and according to a research, people tend to get stressed easily because of traffic jam and it happens in Jakarta. And considering the high crime rate, people tend to be carefully speak or talk to stranger so you can't blame those people if you meet them. They not angry but they just being cautious. Anyway, always think positive and show your good attitude, but still be careful, People! ^^

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