Kamis, 03 Mei 2012


well, few days ago i was watching channel v and listening to this song lego house by Ed Sheeran. Apparently my heart melted when i heard his voice which was tremendously soothe my heart.

Not just his voice, the song has beautiful lyrics yet so melodramatic, so i think that he may replace Bruno Mars in singing the romantic-love songs hehehe.

Listening to the lyrics makes me think what a nice thing to make this life like a lego house that we can always keep the good things and have someone there to catch us whenever we fall. But in my case it is just not happening. It also makes me think, how could you love somebody truthfully aside your desire? Some people thought they do exactly as it is, but most cases i see are lies.

anyway, it's just a thought. I just wanna love better somehow...

so let's enjoy the song!

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