Selasa, 04 Desember 2012

Ehmm.... (Still Not) Over You

These days, weather brings me back to the past. The calm and sometimes stormy day fly me away to the memories...and when i come back to the present time, i realized how things have gone too far. But still i remember the whole thing, as clear as vivid sky. My graduation is approaching and i bend on my knee, defenseless, after all this thing i've been fighting for, they come into dust. 

Just 2.5 years, who thought that it'll be this fast, my dear? you, the impatient guy, and me, the begging girl. But we can't go back to the situation as it was, can we? I feel the swishing wind on my face when i ride the bicycle, trying to run away from all those painful memories.

I wanna run away. Away from you. From memories.
Just....... Hiding

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