Kamis, 02 Januari 2014

Good Bye 2013, Hello "Hopeful" 2014

The last day of 2013 of my version ended with me sleeping at 23.35 WIB, careless of the fireworks and sound of trumpets, hugging my pillow and woke up with a rainy morning. I am no longer enthusiastic for that kind of celebration. Maybe because i was tired from taking my sister out to some malls in Kuningan..hehehhe...

Anyway, 2013 is quite a year for me. I finally graduated from UI, with title  Bachelor Degree of Mechanical Engineering, then i started working at private services company, i went to Jogja with my sister, sending my friends to wedding, started learning Spanish, completed my first project and last but not least i found a man who i hope to be my future husband (Aamiin :) ). I feel grateful of so many blessed that i received.

May 2014 brings even greater bless. Hopefully.

My resolutions this year :
1. Make my parents happy by supporting all their needs.
2. Find a better job.
3. Save up for my wedding.
4. Travel to some exotic places *big grin*

On the afternoon lunch with Boards of Director of the company i'm working for, Pak Dedi, he said, sometimes dark clouds may cover our sights, but never forget these 4 letters, H-O-P-E. As long as you have a hope, you can always find a place to stand and reach your dreams.

Wooow... what a touching word. I'll keep it in my mind forever. So yeah, let's begin 2014 with a great hope and dreams ^^

Graduated from UI :)

Chosen as The Best Trainee of Basic Wireline Training
Tavelling to Jogja with my sisters

Taking photos like Lee Seunggi at Batik Village
Narcisstic photos with Winda at Ka Tice's Wedding (total of 124 photos :p)

With girl friends at Ka Tice & Bang Ardhi Wedding Reception
With "the man"
During Spanish course, celebrated my teacher's birthday

First "Counted" Project : A Frame for Conoco Phillips

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