Selasa, 10 April 2012

Letter #9

Dearest pyeoul

How are you my dear? Can I still calling you that? I hope you don’t mind, cause I always love you here. Well pyeoul, the weather are very cat and dog here. It’s sunny in the morning and as the day turn to noon, it changed t be cloudy. Well, I wish it won’t rain soon or if it’s need to be rain the please, just a tiny rain, I have errand to go to library today. Not really an errand but just because I miss going to library hehehehe .

You know pyeoul, eversince I work as a private teacher I barely have time to go to library. Cause I always on road, moving from one house to another. At the beginning it was crazy, I took lots of schedule o teach, believing myseilf that I need to be busy in order to forget you. But at the end of the day it was all go for nothing but sickness. I got cold, typus and other disease from overwhelm tiredness.

My dearest foolish man, that act I did was really reckless, cause I did not think of myself. In fact, I am weak as always. Everytime I become busy I always sick. My friend warns me, she said I’d better taking care of myself because having typhi too often can lead one to a bigger and dangerous sickness. Well, I’m so thankful that I have friends remind me of that. Health is one of the most beautiful gift from Allah that we should keep it closely.

Oh woooooooowww. This kinda weather Is really make me sleepy. Cold air surrounding me. I need to knock my head and remember my purpose to go to library..hehehehe. well, I guess enough for now. I’ll writing again for you after I reach library. 

See you my dear. 
Always and always love you.

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