Selasa, 10 April 2012


Why do i wanna work? This tiring part time job? well, i need a distraction. Eversince i went back from Bali, i found my heart torn into pieces, so i made a promise, i will not let sadness over shadowing my footsteps. All those tears are enough. I tried to put my mind together, focusing on my study. But then, i have so many free days in a week. I cannot waste my time crying. I must stop looking at the past and focusing on my future.

I decided i must fill my mind with something useful. So i apply to be a private course teacher. This job literally bring me everywhere. I went to many unthinkable places, really unexpected. Oh Allah, this job is eventually tiring.

But then, one thing for sure, this job only using my energy and my body bt not my mind. In my free time, i still think of my ex-soon-to-be-husband. I cannot lie that i always miss him, eventough we walk in different path of life now.

I miss you so much pyeoul. Feels like it's been forever since we separate..

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