Minggu, 15 April 2012

The Man I Love

I am still loving him. That's true. But the man i love lived in my past, not the present time. I barely know you now, pyeoul. We've become stranger as we used to. I am no longer mad to the destiny. Things going as the way they supposed to be, i guess. 

Sometimes i do miss you and i try to find out news about you, no matter how small it is. And before i made the decision to do that, i remind myself how terribly things will going through me. Because i know, jealuosy ruin my mood if i found you talking about her and worse, i would cry for days, just because of you my dear.

And well, as i prepare myself, i take a deep breath. I said to myself, be brave erwita. You must accept the whole facts. Then....i found it is all less hurtful. I guess i do slowly letting you go. It is fine. I can't push things too much.

Yes, i love you, always and always. It never change, but the right version is : i love you pyeoul, as the man i know in the past, cause you are stranger for me now.

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