Senin, 01 Oktober 2012

When Plans Need To Be Re-arranged

Well, in my 23 years of living on earth, one of the most important thing i learn is you can't expect life to be too flat or in literally means your life plan may change suddenly and accidentally. Even when you carefully plan your life to certain ways, the x factor is always there. Let's call it as fate.

I am acknowledge myself as a person who carefully arrange each step i take. Because i always believe good preparations bring good result too. But as i learn, God plays a major role in creating the plan to be true or God may change the plan into something else. Or in third alternative, God delayed the plan because maybe it is not the right time to fulfill it.

Recently, i am confuse of what road should i take. I am about to graduate soon from mechanical engineering UI and i actually love to pursue my education to higher level. But then when i read all terms in UI, i found the postgraduate program is pretty expensive, it's about 24 million rupiahs in the first term. If i can finish my program in 2 years, it'll cost me 48 million rupiahs in total. Whoa! Where i can get that lots of money? I can't ask my parents to fund my college nor i have sufficient money.

One of my lecturer offers me to be my financial supporter. But still, i can't rely fully on my lecturer's kindness. I just don't wanna be a free loader. I must be able to stand on my feet. Then i apply for scholarship abroad, but they afford me only half of the school tuition. Oh my.. i feel like my plan slowly shattered into pieces.

And suddenlly when i thinking to add alternatives to my plan, suddenly i came up with some ideas. Well, if i can't pursue my college now, then maybe i should rearrange it. So now, i have a better view on how my llife would be or should be.

1. After graduating from UI, i wanna go travelling to Phuket (a must do!)
2. I will apply for job and hopefully it'll be a good one
3. While maintaining my new carrier, i will take a pastry cooking school in saturday.
4. If it's smooth, then i'll start my own bussiness in pastry. But in short term only as a part time job.
5. Bit by bit, i shall save money to take hospitality and culinary school abroad.
6. After i graduate from school, i gotta open my own store.
7. I quit my job, establish my store and take postgraduate school in mechanical engineering.
8. I work as lecturer and pastry chef, both in two different field. hehhehe.

pastry chef in future!

Wahh, what a plan! I calculate the plan may take two years. But yeah still have no idea of how the future will be, but one thing for sure, i don't wanna work as full time worker. I don't really interesting in that kind of job. Being a lecturer is my main plan, but the side plan is become an entrepreneur in pastry.

I am really hoping to make it come true. May Allah fulfill my plan... Aamin and Insya Allah. :))

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