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When Roads take You To A U-Turn

Curvy Road, Curvy Life

Ever wonder when you have planned everything, and suddenly it was like.. poooooofffffff.. those neat and beautiful plan just go somewhere else beyond your imagination, beyond your reach? You may feel trembling, as if the ground beneath your feet were shaking you so harshly. So now, i'm going to tell you of my experience in helping my students dealing with it.

One of my students, let's call her as YH is a typical neat girl. A girl who planned everything in advance of what she want to reach in the future. So often she thought about it, that she push herself too hard and once she fail, she fell into deep ground and can't find her way back to surface. She already planning to pursue her college in medical school. Become a faithful and truthful doctor. Very good, right? So she thought, in order to reach that, she must gain the biggest five rank in her class. Not just in her class, but as the top three in her school.

She wasn't as hard worker compare to her effort when she was in 10th grade. She told me,"i studied easily, i enjoy everything and i care less of hard work and yet, my score is high enough. And somehow, now, when i try harder i can't reach that score. I am frustrated about that". I told her, life is not always flat. Life has certain variable. Some call it fate, some said it is luck. These variables will determine how your life would be or should be.

I can see her problems clearly. I knew a girl who was just like her. She was pretty much me in the past. I am a person who always planning my future perfectly so i can minimize the risks in future. But i wasn't mature enough. I was so strict to myself that when it all fails, it blinded my eyes. I can't see the lesson behind it or the reason why Allah turn my plan into something else. Dark days shadowing my footsteps. Make me feel like a loser.


But now, i'm no longer see things that way. As i learn, the road of life is not always straight. It have curves and that's the thing that makes life beautiful. When plans fail, you may frustrated, it's natural and it's okay. But remember, ALWAYS LOOKING ON THE BRIGHTSIDE! Sometimes, your plan is not good for you. All of your imagination of reaching this and that may just an illusion. I thought, got married after college is good enough for me and yet after breaking up with my ex, now i realized, there are a lot of things to reach, tons of things to do, millions of places to explore. I am glad the plan turn the other way, if it's not, i may stuck in marriage life, while opportunities exist without limit to improve myself.

Plan and life could change in matter of seconds. Plan the life but don't rely on it, cause once it fail, it will kill you DO BEST IN EACH THING YOU FACE NOW. This work you do will helps you create the rightest future for you. Take it easy on life and enjoy each curve that Allah create for you. It may seems not the thing you want, but trust me, once the situation got better, you'll praise Allah for HE Knows The Best for you :))

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