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Ways of Transportation in Bali

Simpang Siur in the afternoon

Oh well, continuing my writing about Bali, as a traveller, i consider Bali as an island that's easy to reach. You can enter Bali by bus, airplane, and ship. There are few things to note (esp. for domestic traveller) about coming to Bali :

1. The easiest way to reach Bali is by plane. The flight from Jakarta is pretty much cheap. From my experiences it cost around Rp 300.000 (low season) to Rp 900.000 (peak season), this fare is even less when you made an early booking. The cheapest season is from january through may. I myself prefer to go to Bali at these month because Bali is less crowded, airplanes and hotels fare are pretty low (for example a 4 star hotel in tanjung benoa usually cost 900 thousand rupiahs and in february cost only 500 thousand rupiahs). Meanwhile try to avoid going to Bali in June to December because Bali will be too crowded and the fare of hotels and plane tickets are pretty expensive.

2. Going by bus is also an option. You can take bus from any major city in Java Island and usually the bus also made final stop in Denpasar, the capital city of Bali. The cost is not much of different from airplane. But if you are a tourist on tight budget, this way of travelling can help too. From Jakarta the ticket usually cost Rp 300.000 on peak season.

3. If you are coming from Surabaya or Lombok, you can take the ship. It's a 30 mins sailing from Banyuwangi and 2 hours long from Lombok. The ship fare from Gilimanuk to Banyuwangi is only Rp 6.000 or about 60 cents.

Another things to pay attention is when you already in the island. Bali has limited ways of public transportation. The newest and easiest way to travel around by using Trans Sarbagita, a busway that connect major public interest, from Tabanan, Badung, Gianyar and Denpasar. This bus is very convenient with new armada and great services from the driver's assistant. They willing to help and giving advice so you can get to the place you want. The cost for an adult is Rp 3.500 and for student is Rp 1.500. I love traveling around with Sarbagita since i can't ride motorcycle and can't drive either. Really great helps, esp. when you have this cheap-ex-almost-to-be-husband who are picky to take you around eventough he live in Bali. Yeah.

But if you can drive, that could be an advantage. You can rent car all across Bali. Usually it costs Rp 200.000 for a full day trip (or around 20 dollars). But the cost may increase as type of car you choose and whether you include the driver to take you around.

And lastly, rent a motorcycle is a good options too, esp for those who like to ride freely. The streets in Bali is pretty smooth with great view around. You can rent the motorcycle pretty much from any area in Bali. The cost is Rp 50.000 to 70.000 (or about 5 dollars to 8 dollars) per day. Make sure you can make a good deal with the rent place.

Have a holiday, Enjoy your trip in the Island of Thousand Temples

Sarbagita's Track Map
Inside Sarbagita's bus
Sarbagita's ticket
Ship, out and about to Bali
Airplane as other way to reach Bali

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