Rabu, 01 Agustus 2012

A Letter To Allah

Dear Allah...

I know, my position in front of You may means nothing, for i simply a low and weak human. I just wish that You will always stay by my side and never let me fall into devilish act. Help me, clean me, bring me into pureness like a rose blossom in dawn for i afraid of Your anger, of Your Hell and i solemnly wishing a path to reach Your heaven.

My Dear God,
I know, You won't give me this illness if its beyond my ability to overcome it. I truthfully believe in You. Please put patience upon me, widen my soul and help me to see things better.

Dear Allah,
I have two side of thoughts. Part of me saying that i gotta fight for my life, i gotta fight for my health, gotta fight for chance to be a better moslem. But on the other side, i really wanna ask You (which i am afraid of), i am really tired of going back, visiting hospital each year. I don't wanna be sick, be as healthy as other people. Why do i have to have this very weak body? I am afraid of this sickness, Dear Allah. I am afraid that it'll cost my life. I don't wanna die yet. I know this is such a horrible and full-of-ego wish, but yes, i am afraid of so little chance in future to improve myself in front of You.

Dear Allah,
This girl, this very weak girl hoping for Your help desperately. I will push 100% effort to overcome this sickness. Please Allah, have a mercy on me. Please strengthen my faith in You. I will not give up for i know You always there, watching my every act.

Help me to find the righteous way to reach Your bless and Your heaven.
Amiin ya Rabbal Alamin

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