Rabu, 22 Agustus 2012

Hanya Untuk Tuhan

Assalamualaikum Warrahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

Dear Allah, this is the second letter i write to You as my grateful feeling towards You.

Dear Allah, since You always watching me, i know that You knows best for me. Allah, i surely can't pay for each bless You sent on my path. Eventough my married plan already flushed away, but still You keep showing Your love to me, to this weak person.

Allah, yes, You took him from my side for he may not the best person for me and yet You replace the sadness feeling of losing him by pouring me good friends who always stay beside me, accompany me and making me laugh to forget my sorrow.

Both in my tears and my happiness i found You. I cannot fully express how grateful i am now, but to say alhamdulillah for all the time. Eventough at the same time i have this illness inside of me, but knowing and understanding Your love helps me going through this difficult times. At first, i was afraid of dying, that doctor's judgement of my health. But so far, with my faith in You, i'm sure that i can fight this illness. Just as Your promise, within patient, victory shall exist.

God, You show me so many things, taught me the best lesson through daily events. i will never want to lose my faith in You.You the One i trust, The Best Teacher that guides my life.

I wanna live as a true moslem. To breathe in the air of Your Love. Please forgive me of my sins, Dear Allah. I can't live this life wthout Your light shine on me.

The Oft Merciful and The Oft Forgiving.
The Almighty, Allah, i praise You. Be my witness of my act, God..

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