Minggu, 22 Januari 2012


What time is it? 3.55 pm, jakarta time
What day is today? sunday, january 22, 2012

oh Allah, why do the time feels so sluggish? well, i do not mean to complaint, but i just can't wait to go back to Gilimanuk. I lived there for three months, way back then in the beginning of 2010. I miss the breeze in Gilimanuk, the sound of the wave, the small crabs playing around, star fish creeping slowly, i even found jellyfish in Karang Sewu beach.

I feel so impatient to go back there. I consider gilimanuk as the third hometown. The first one is pekanbaru, place where i was born there, then depok, because i have lived here for 4,5 years and lastly, gilimanuk, cause i lived for three months and i feel this strong connection with that fishing village.

Gilimanuk is a small, humble fishing village in western Bali. Nothing special about this village actually, but i love it so much. You can go around the village by foot. They have great food, great view and great people. The people in gilimanuk are so humble. Unlike people in jakarta, we tend to be suspicious when other people we don't know talking to us (can't blame that actually, the crime rate is so much higher in jakarta), but in gilimanuk, people are all smiling adn welcomes you warmly.

2 more weeks and i shall fly back there. I keep telling myself to be patient, but i can't. Each day, i keep staring at calendar, crossing each day when it pass. But i am hoping for Allah to slow the time down when i in Gilimanuk..hohoho..

Thinking going back there really makes me excited. And, secretly, i am wishing for someone, or anoyne to lock my feet so i don't have to go back to jakarta. But then, college is still numero uno. By the time i graduated from UI, i wished for Allah to give me job so i could live in Bali. Amiiiinnn ya Rabbal Alamin...

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