Minggu, 29 Januari 2012

The Red Rose Blossom In The Morning

The sun shines everyday on earth
The moon comes up in the night
brighten the sky with the stars
The sun and the moon may come and go
fulfill their duty

But the red rose is always there
she gives freshness to earth
to sky and to every living thing

The red rose make the world more beautiful
she gives the energy
with its colour and power

Yes, the red rose is you, my teacher
you gave me the couragement i need
never leave me when i was down

So, i want to thank you for all this time
Keep bright and beautiful, my teacher!

-Dedicated specially for my math teacher on SMAN 1 Pekanbaru, Dra. Raja Muda Asmida. I can't repay for every lesson you taught me, but i always try my best so i can present the very best achievement for you.-
-I haven't go back to Pekanbaru for 4,5 years, but i always remember you, Mam. I pray for the best thing to come for you. May Allah protects and bless you. I always be your student, no matter what-

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akemi takeshita mengatakan...

waaah,, sambunggan kata yang indah,, kereen

Erwita Ivana Muthia mengatakan...

alhamdulillah...jazakumullah buat komennya ^^

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