Minggu, 08 Januari 2012

New Year

well, never really realize it, but it's already past new year! woooow... according to Mayan's calendar, this year is a year of apocalypse that many people will die by "great disaster" on earth. I personally do not believe in that somekind of prophecy. Why would we? That kinda prophecy is not 100% accurate, so i choose to stay on positive side.

So, have you guys made a list of resolution for this year? My lecturer, Mr. Warjito, said, good plan is a step ahead of good future. By making good plan which can lead to good preparations, we can minimize the effect of failure. That's a very good advice. My lecturer got its point.

But the thing is, i myself haven't made a plan of what i wanna do for the upcoming days. I guess i am afraid. So many things not work out in my life last year. 2010 was awesome, but 2011 is awful because i got to cry almost everyday in every month.

That thought lead me to something, Well..why don't i make simple resolutions? instead of wanting the bigger ones, simple but meaningful resolutions will do. Because wanting the big ones put bigger pressure in you. And for people who stick so much to their wishes (in other word : stubborn), when they can't reach them, it sort of create stress in their mind.

So, simple resolutions for this year are:
1. Enjoy the ride of the life
2. Be happy all the time
3. Smiling more
4. Study well
5. Graduate from UI in a good grade
6. and it will good if i can win some competitions too ^^ what are your plans for the next 357 days, reader? Some want to graduate, some might wanna get married, or others might wanted to start a new bussiness. well, whatever it is, i hope all your wishes come true and i hope we all be bless with happiness and health.

Much love from Arumdaung

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