Selasa, 01 Mei 2012

My Birthday

-April 26, 2012-

Well, feel very grateful that Allah still gives me chance to live on this earth, to breathe air in health and teach me to be a better person each day (eventough i gotta admit, the last one is very hard to do).

So, today is my birthday. Right 23 years ago, on 3.05 pm my mother gave birth to me. The last children which she hoped to be a boy but turned out i came as a girl..hehhehe. This whole journey has been amazing itself, cause the ups and downs that i experience taught me to improve myself in a better way so that Allah may proud  having me as moslem, well, i am really hoping so.

I'm passing the day as true single, no more relationship for me now. I have decided to close myself from any possible relationship with men and focusing on reaching my goal as true moslem, true daughter, true human being. I wanna bring and share happiness with others, even to a stranger. So i am open to new experiences that may come to my way and hopefully by the time i'm ready, Allah send me my other half :)

eating teopokki at my b-day celebration

humble celebration with my junior achi and bella

my b-day cake, a chocolate cheese cake

with my bestfriend Kartika Zuhra, a day after my b-day

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Frans Enriko Siregar mengatakan...

wah, makan di mana tuh ddeokbokki-nya wit? pengen deh...

Erwita Ivana Muthia mengatakan...

gue makan di retoran korea yang ada di fisip frans, tapi lebih enak lagi tuh yang resto korea di perpus...sedaaapp

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