Kamis, 26 Januari 2012

Some People are Sucks

True. I hate it so much when people said i should not write something too romantic or too painful love story. Like i need to keep my head straight.

One thing for sure, my brain works well.

Well, hey, you people know nothing about me. I know i am wearing jilbab, but then on the other side, but i never pretending to be something i am not. I like literature, i like reading some romantic, or sad love story, i like writing using words that i hope soft enough to deliver feeling. But then those people criticize me, like i am putting my feeling over Allah, like i went too deep in desperation. I love Allah, of course (Allah is The Number One), but i wanna be a writer, that can use classical or words combination just like Jane Austen or Jean Webster.

Some people only good at judging. I really wanna laugh of that kind people. They act like they know a person meanwhile, they know nothing.

Let's not judging others, cause few words you said may stab a person right on her chest. Mind your own bussiness. Stop saying something negative of people you don't know.

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fransnoel mengatakan...

and blogging is the best choice to write (may be)_

erwita ivana mengatakan...

i guess so, frans. hahhaaha. still caring about some manner called "ethics". deuh :)

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