Rabu, 22 Februari 2012

Letter 2

Depok, on a very sunny warm day.

Dearest pyeoul, how are you? is today your evening shift? amazing ya i still remember your schedule, never once i ever forgot that. Always longing for you.

Pyeoul, i have things i did not tell you on my previous letter. You know, when i arrived on Soekarno-Hatta airport, i could not find my mother. Dad said, mom will pick me at airport, buut when i looked around i did not see her and when i called her, she didn't pick up the phone. But after 25 mins of looking around, i finally met my mom. Suddenly, my tears fell. I realized, i missed my mom so much.

We took the damri bus to pasar minggu. On the bus, i told her everything. I didn't hide a thing. I told my mother of your story and that our relationship ended here. I said sorry to her, because i felt disappoint her, that she already accepted and liked you. But mom took the news so much better than me. She said gently to me, "it's okay, my daughter. Maybe it's just not your fate to be with him. Come, stop crying, no matter how hard you cry, he will not looking back at you for he already choose another person".

I hugged my mom and she rubbed my head, felt so comfortable. I kept crying but yeah, she still not blaming you for anything happen, pyeoul. Eventough her eyes show disappointment too. Mom is so much tougher than me. And she still appreciate you for goodness you did to me.

Have a nice day and keep healthy..

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