Senin, 09 Juli 2012

Missing The Hometown's been a while since i left Pekanbaru, my hometown. 5 years ago my journey as a college student started here, in Depok and i never go back to Pekanbaru. Not once. Oh my.... lately the feeling of going back there haunting me. Espescially when my newest and youngest niece born. She born in June and till now i can only saw her face from my other niece's mms. Mom said, Callista is a totally beautiful baby girl (her full name is Annajma Callista Zahira). Oh well, mother definately able to raise jealousy over my mind..hhuhuhu..

Yesterday, i went to this market in Eastern Jakarta (i forgot the name of that markt) to buy bicycle for my nephew Razan Isya Permana and i found this stall selling sugar cane juice. Without thinking twice, i instantly bought two glass of it, one for me and another glass for my sister. Well, i bought it not because i was thirsty, but more of the sentimental feeling. When i was a kid, and my family pretty poor back then, my father used to buy me sugar cane juice instead of fruit juices because those juices were pretty expensive, my father could not afford it.

I took a sip of the juice and my head flying away to my hometown. How is Pekanbaru look right now? My sister told me that city has change alot. With new skycrapers, fly over streets, new stadium, new bridge at Siak River and so on. Gosh, i guess i really wanna go back home after lebaran, just to see and taste the originality of my hometown  and maybe if the time adequate, i'd like to go to Maninjau, my parents' hometown. Well, may Allah granted my wish..aminnn...

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